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Abeking & Rasmussen

Schiffs-und Yachtwerft SE An der Faehre 2,
27809 Lemwerder
49 421 6733 0

A strong driving force of progress is actually a human weakness: discontent. With Abeking & Rasmussen it is actually in the company genes to be satisfied only once the optimum has been improved. It is a journey of constant exploration and of pushing one’s limits. Envision, design and then construct are all parts of a continuous process in A&R shipbuilding approach constantly in loop until the best has become even better. Through a simplified company structure- everything under a single roof and out of a single source- A&R retains the essential know-how and valuable ideas, not only about particular projects but across whole disciplines, productions series and production processes.

Highly focussed potential that makes many A&R success stories a reality. There are numerous examples that have caused an international sensation such as the delivery of the world’s fastest diesel yacht, the development of non-magnetic steel or more recently the SWATH@A&R technology. What absolutely ensures A&R worldwide reputation is the ability to turn creative discontent into customer satisfaction. In all domains of shipbuilding.

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