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Air Commander Aerospace

1440 Lee Wagener Blvd
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
United States

Provides Consulting and Marketing Services for Domestic and International Clients Involved On Either the Buy-side or the Sell-side of Aircraft Transactions

​Sales Agenda:
Air Commander maximizes the return on your aircraft by providing the necessary resources to make informed decisions on your sale by using complex marketing strategies to reach potential buyers across the globe.

Aircraft Transport:
Air Commander will transport your aircraft to any place in the world. We will take care of all the legal documentation required in order to have the aircraft operational the moment it reaches your desired destination and can have your aircraft anywhere on the globe in a matter of days. 

Aircraft Financing Solutions:
Air Commander will find the right financing solution for your desired aircraft and often times your financial institution isn’t always the best option for acquiring an aircraft. We will not only find you the best financing options with our experienced financial professionals, but we will also take care of all the paperwork.

Aircraft Registration with Government and Agencies:
Air Commander will provide all the documents necessary to export a purchased aircraft to any country in the world and register the aircraft with the proper authorities.

Aircraft Search: 
Through our World-Wide network, Air Commander is able to find any desired aircraft. Aligning cost and need, we find the best aircraft and best price for our clients.  

Pre-purchase Advisory: 
Our skilled engineers and mechanics conduct two types of inspections before purchasing an aircraft. The first inspection involves checking and verifying all books and records from the first day of use to the last service performed on the aircraft. The second inspection focuses on checking and testing all components on the aircraft and the aircraft avionics.

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