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Albury Brothers Boats

1401 Broadway
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
United States
(561) 863-7006

The Albury family has been building boats in Man O’War Cay, Abaco, for many generations, including their famous smacks, sloops and schooners. Since 1952, Willard Albury, first with his father and brother, now with his sons Don and Jamie, have produced sea kindly outboard runabouts & skiffs. They build these boats one at a time, for those customers who appreciate a special boat when they see one.

Albury Brothers Boats were built in wood until 1985, when the hearty Madera tree became depleted. The first fiberglass boat was lofted off the last wooden hull. This became the 18.5 footer, which is now back in production in Abaco.

In 1990, Willard created the 20 foot model using the strip plank pattern method. Sheer and freeboard were added, as well as the beam carried forward. At the behest of a boat rental firm, in 1997 Willard lofted the 23 footer. He added a set of lifting strakes, took a little roundness out of the bilge & continued his approach of carrying more beam forward. In 2005, Willard Albury lofted the 27’ hull plug, partially using sections from the fabulous 23 hull. Production of the 27 footer began in 2007. The latest addition to our fleet is the 33 footer, launched in 2014.

Due to demand, in 2003 the Albury family partnered to produce Albury Brothers Boats in the U.S., with the same Abaco-built quality. All materials and construction are under supervision and control of the Albury family. Since 2003, the team in Riviera Beach, FL has built hundreds of quality boats. Whether you have your boat built in Abaco or the States, you will receive the same great boat.

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