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Aspen Power Catamarans

11656 Knudson Rd.
Burlington, WA 98233
United States
(360) 668-4347

At Aspen, we push the frontier for mid-range cruisers.
Few boats are so uniquely qualified to take a family
as comfortably and as economically as the Aspen.

With Aspen you get:

Unparalleled fuel economy

Comfortable and safe ride

Solidly built boats, built with quality materials

Spacious accommodations

Treated like family

The Patented Power Proa Hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and accommodations of her class. Aspen’s robust hull is designed to slice through heavy seas without hesitation and to track; as if on rails. Her high catamaran tunnel provides extraordinary seaworthiness and stability, which contributes to her dry ride. But above all seriousness of purpose, there is a wonderfully romantic, emotional element to the boat that strongly attracts, in a no-nonsense way.

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