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Buddy Davis

PO BOX 702
United States

One’s first look at a Davis lasts a lifetime. Instantly, the eye is drawn to the flared foredeck balanced over the sharp, strong entry of the bow. The eye is swept back along her glistening teak toe rails that accent a sloping sheer. Back farther still, it passes the beautifully curved engine vents, and finally to the transom where the graceful slope of tumble-home blends teak covering boards onto deck. Onboard, the rich simplicity of every detail like the polished stainless steel wheel and control handles compliments the elegantly rounded corners of the teak control pod and instrument panel. Inside the Davis is a perfect reflection of one’s individual taste and style. The Davis design team knows how to make a statement that is at once elegant yet bold, simple yet extraordinary. And what truly makes each Davis a work of art is its striking appearance has a direct relationship to its superior performance. There must be a reason that Davis has a cult following for over 25 years. Davis owners keep coming back for their new sportfishing boats.


Mastering the use of new materials and technology and the introduction of state-of-the-art engineering and production techniques has been elemental to the evolution of Davis boats. Davis has developed accommodating layouts, tooling and molds for the next generation of boats. Utilizing fewer molds for each boat, as well as materials, the new generation of Davis boats is lighter, stronger, faster and better than ever. By incorporating advanced software into the design and construction process, Davis has mastered efficiency, quality, and flexibility, significantly reducing the time to deliver each new boat.

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