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Cmor Mapping

34 N 14th St
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
United States
(813) 563-2667

It might appear at first glance that offering a more complete and detailed representation of the sea floor than previously available for chartplotters has the potential to harm marine resources.

We believe otherwise, though. As lifelong, passionate watermen ourselves, we wouldn't have worked as hard as we have to make this technology commercially available if we thought it would hurt the oceans we love.

The fact is that CMOR Mapping imagery is so detailed and accurate that we believe it will help protect fragile reefs by allowing recreational anglers and divers to set their anchors more precisely — ideally on sand bottom near the reef structure, rather than on top of it. Likewise, the level of detail will help commercial fishermen position pots and trawls away from reefs.

Additionally, new information about good fishing and diving areas will, we believe, help "spread out" fishing effort, alleviating pressure on well-known and heavily used areas. CMOR Mapping imagery will obviously not increase the number of fishermen and divers; it will only serve to disperse them more widely.

That being said, there's no question that CMOR Mapping imagery will help you locate productive and exciting new bottom features and, if you're an angler or spearfisherman, catch more fish. We ask that you practice responsible and sustainable fishing techniques and encourage others to do the same.

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Blue Zone Marine Electronics 382