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Dockmate® offers the world's most advanced, affordable and safest handheld wireless remote control system for your boat's engines, thrusters, anchor and horn. Boaters are able to leave the helm for a better view of their surroundings during docking manuevers and still be in complete control of their boat's movement, resulting in greater confidence and reduced stress while handling the boat in tight quarters. The Twist transmitter offers proportional engine throttle and thruster control, along with an incredibly easy to use 3-axis joystick that will move the boat in all directions with a simple push and pull of your thumb!

Other advanced features include: • A highly-reliable and secure two-way communication system called "Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum" (FHSS) which was originally used by the US Navy in the early 50s and it is commonly & widely used today in Bluetooth devices, cell phones, and Wi-Fi systems. • The DockControl software which offers advanced programming and we can adjust engine & thruster controls to your specific needs.

• Fully-proportional Engine throttle control – other systems only offer idle speed or very limited throttle speed controls. Dockmate® will perform similarly to your existing engine throttle controls.

• Fully-proportional Thruster control – if you have this type of thruster, then Dockmate® will give you the exact same feel and response time.

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Wireless Joystick Control for Engines - Dockmate Inc


Wireless Joystick Control for Engines - Dockmate Inc


Wireless Joystick Control for Engines - Dockmate Inc

Wireless Joystick Control for Engines