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Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats

PO BOX 23244
Knoxville, TN 37933
United States
(888) 610-7285

Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats

Ranger Tugs was started in 1958 based on a philosophy of quality and 'doing things right' and the reputation we earned continues today. We concentrate on one model at a time from the ideation through in-house design, testing, and manufacturing.  In our shop, boats are put together by some of the most experienced boatbuilders in the Northwest. 

Whether you're cruising, fishing, or just relaxing onboard, you will appreciate the comfort, safety, and community that Ranger Tugs has become known for.  Every Ranger Tug is trailerable, bringing distant shores within reach.  They offer a fuel-efficient, maneuverable, seaworthy and well-equiped design from the 23-foot Yamaha outboard powered R23, to our 41-foot Twin Volvo IPS 400 Powered R41.

The Cutwater Boats brand brings with it a new way of thinking about how cruisers ought to deliver performance, comfort and style, a completely enjoyable—boating experience. And like all meaningful innovation, that new thinking is based on a wealth of experience and a proven record of significant achievement in the hull and interior design and construction of recreational boats.

Cutwater Boats produces several models, each offering exceptional interior volume, a long list of standard features, and revolutionary new hull forms that combines a range of hydrodynamic design elements to deliver superior ride comfort, speed, economy, range and handling characteristics. And for all their onboard attributes, each Cutwater model is trailerable, to bring even distant waterways within easy reach.

As a division of Fluid Motion, LLC, manufacturer of the popular fleet of Ranger Tugs, Cutwater Boats offers complementary styling and performance, built to the same high standards of quality that have earned Fluid Motion a position of leadership in the boating industry, to provide cruising families a broad spectrum of choices in size, style and configuration. Count on the experience and resources of Fluid Motion to drive the emergence of Cutwater Boats as a favored choice among those who recognize an exceptional value when they see it.

Exhibiting At: 
Red Zone H Dock 826, 826A-C, 828B, 830, 830A-B


C-32 CB


C-24 Coupe

C-24 CW