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Impact CBS, Inc


The leading edge solution to protect your boat and dock! IMPACT gives you Maximum Protection, store easily and won't scratch your boat! Modern materials, new technology, a patent pending design and comes in 10 different colors to match your boat & dock!

Impact has re-invented the boat fender and the dock bumper to better fit the needs of today’s boat owners.

Impact is a company founded by Brian and Courtney. They are lifelong water skiers’ and boat owners. Between them they have come up with marine products that will take the boating industry into the 21st. Century. Through many hours on the water and dedication to their passion for skiing and the marine industry, they are changing the look, feel and quality of Boat fenders’ and Dock bumpers’, fastening systems, along with other innovative ideas to make life on the water a little easier.

Exhibited At: 

Boat Fenders

Top Knot Mooring Line

The Powell Pad

The Landing Pad

The Piling Pad

Boat Tote

Dock Bumpers