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Koenig Spray Polish

8815 Convoy Windermere Rd # 380
Orlando, FL 32835
United States
(407) 948-7505

How we started

Koenig was created by a think tank based in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Koenig’s formula was forged by a collaboration from experts in the auto industry combined with innovative new technology developed after years of testing and experimentation.


At Koenig, we have a passion for giving our users the ability to get a showroom-quality shine, right in their own home. Luxurious sparkle shouldn’t be reserved for resorts, spas, and galleries. Your home can be a work of art too! Koenig was designed to help your home reach its maximum aesthetic potential.


Each can of Koenig is meticulously tested and inspected, and all of our products are made right here in the United States of America. Quality is our number one concern, and we manufacture all Koenig products to our strict quality standards.

Koenig Products

Koenig was born out of a simple mantra – to create an all-in-one cleaning solution that reduces clutter and reduces cleaning time. As a result, Koenig is able to make a positive environmental influence while providing a high-gloss clean that surpasses traditional run-of-the-mill cleaning products.

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