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Lure'm In Fishing

404 Hurst Rd
Palm Bay, FL 32907
United States
(321) 795-1302

Lure’M In presents the finest quality, best built, and big game fish producing lure on the market. Every head shape is computer designed and water tested. Each of the seven designs went through many iterations of offshore testing before becoming ‘Fish Approved’ ;) We only use the finest quality materials made in the USA for our Lure heads. The Resin used is the best on the market. While not cheap, it offers spectacular UV resistance, will NEVER yellow, and although hard as a rock it retains a memory making it virtually chip and shatter proof. Researching this material took almost as long as designing the lures. If it is used by NASA it must be good. Each Lure’M In lure consists of a weight specific core that is hand wrapped with holographic color changing lure tape. There are numerous body and eye colors to choose from, and if you want to get real fancy we can even personalize each lure with a team name, boat name, or your name. Anything is possible. Lure’M In has recently added the ‘blood stripe’ to our lures simulating injured prey. Along with this customizable head you have the choice of an array of different squid skirts to create your perfect color orientation. Each lure is rigged with two skirts.

There is much more information available for these lures. Each design performs differently in the water. They range from poppers, bubblers, slant heads, wiggle heads, huge pushers, and even lead filled high speed wahoo trolling. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email with any questions you have. These are really spectacular to see in person. The perfect clarity, bubble free and simply flawless construction of each and every lure is something I am very proud of. These are tournament grade and will last years. On top of offering a better quality lure then every competitor I have seen and bought in the past, I offer them at a competitive price

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