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Overlook Marine Group Llc


Here at Overlook Marine Group we strive to provide quick liquidity for your boat or yacht.  Whether it’s a 20-foot boat or 100-foot vessel, we want the opportunity to work with you.  We pride ourselves on working with each client on his/her specific needs.

We are committed to providing unparalleled product knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. Our team has vast experience, and our ever-growing base of client referrals has given us numerous testimonials that speak to our dedication and level of customer commitment.

Simple and effective process:

Give us the details on your boat

We will give an offer

We will do an inspection

We will provide you with the paperwork

We will send funds to close the transaction

Selling a boat or a yacht can be an intricate and complex endeavor but at Overlook Marine Group, we have the reputation and experience to strategically guide you through this process, making it quick and smooth.  Call us or email us today (860) 495-1210 or [email protected]

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