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Powerplay Powerboats

1700 NW 27th Street
Oakland Park, FL 33311
United States
(954) 868-2021

All experienced boaters know that the factory/dealer support can and in most cases will be a part of your overall boating experience. We are committed to do our part to make it a truly enjoyable one, in terms of your investment in dollars AND the investment in time on the water spent with family and friends.  We feel that there is no better or more cost effective advertising than a 100% satisfied customer! Our entire business model is based on that premise alone (and of course to make a reasonable profit!).

We started selling boats in 1984 (shit that is a LONG time ago!). Some of our accomplishments are:

· World’s Top 5 Hydra Sports dealer for 5 consecutive years.

· World’s #1 Stamas dealer for 5 consecutive years 

· World’s #1 Mako dealer for three years running (until we sold the dealership to start Midnight Express)

We have been building and designing boats for over 20 years. We have learned to ONLY use the best parts and systems available. We hire THE BEST installers/riggers who are 100% responsible for the quality of the boats coming out of our shop. Not only is it the right thing to do but business wise  I can promise you it is WAY more profitable to sell new boats than it is to fix the ones you have already delivered. Each and every boat goes thru a 78 point quality inspection and gets a thorough water test before they are cleared for customer deliver! 

99% of our Midnight Express team members stayed with us for the 8 years we were in business.

We offer the BEST 24/7 service support in the industry BAR NONE (and you get to talk to the owner/designer/janitor).

As far as we know, we are the only boat manufacturer that offers a 2 year parts and systems replacement warranty (including electronics) from bow to stern with NO EXCEPTION!

All replacement/service parts will ship within 24 hours (from their arrival at our door) and 95% of the parts we use will be in inventory and will be shipped the same day.

99.9% of our customers were EXTREMELY happy with their boats and the service/support we provided (Ok there was one douchebag but he’s not important).

At the end of ANY service issue, we’ve NEVER had an unsatisfied customer.

We’ve NEVER had a hull failure of ANY kind.

During our run at Midnight Express we had 6 customers that purchased more than one boat over their boating career and one bought 3 boats.

We work closely and directly with US Customs for over 7 years.

We are a financially solvent company.

Not so important to some, but very important to others, we have NEVER been litigated against over ANY sort of boat issue.

As a small family owned company, we can and will make a change/improvement on the next hull/deck that we build. We ALWAYS have an eye on making sure the new part or system can be retrofit should an existing customer feel it would be a worthwhile addition to his boat.

Our philosophy can be summed up with one line: To take better care of our customers than ANYONE else on the planet and make a fair and reasonable profit so that we can continue to run and grow our business. 


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