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Release Boatworks

7901 SW 54th CT
Miami, FL 33143
United States
(772) 633-0607


Our boats offer fishing-friendly designs like low gunwales for the easy handling of billfish beside the boat, a clean wake at trolling speeds, multiple livewells and fishboxes placed where they make sense, not as an afterthought. The cockpit sole has the perfect amount of camber (curve) to drain water to the scuppers quickly, while the tackle center holds enough terminal gear for a week’s worth of charter fishing. Then there’s the expert placement of the fighting chair, icemaker, refrigeration, storage and engine access, and this is just in the cockpit. But the best fishing designs are meaningless unless the boat is simply gorgeous. At Release Boatworks, that means a traditional curved shear line, tumblehome and sharp entry. Everything must fit perfectly and then be finished to a high-gloss shine. The result is the classic look that serious anglers and boating aficionados expect from a custom boatbuilder.

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