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PO Box 1713
Hobe Sound, FL 33475
United States
(772) 418-5035

Seatronx is a world renown manufacturer and distributor of innovative marine electronics offering the newest technology for ruggedized marine displays, Multi-display touchscreen pods, computers, CCTV systems, trackballs and keyboards. "Our Vision is Your Vision" holds true to every product we offer, which is deigned, tested and manufactured with our partners and customers complete input. We have quickly grown into the premier standard for world class yachts, and we look to earn your business through unmatched quality, customer support and competitive pricing. Whether your application is standard or custom, stop on by or give us a call. We are most happy to assist you with any of your bridge requirements.

CD Series

eXTreme (XT) Series

Mobile keyboard with mouse button

Compact silicone rubber keyboard with ergonomic trackball

Backlit Panel Mount Keyboard with Ergonomic Trackball

Backlit Desktop Numpad Keyboard

E38-76A31D Ergonomic Desktop Trackball

Compact IP68 trackball with scroll wheel

SurfVision HD

MPPC Series

WK430 Series

MPC-3600-i5-SE and MPC-3600-i7-SE




SunTab Tablet

IND Series

PHT Series

Sunlight Readable Displays

Glass Pods