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Shaka Kai Inc.

10209 NW 116 Way
Medley, FL 33178
United States

From the shores of the Keys to Bimini and Hawaii, our founder Elizabeth Perez has drawn inspiration from the ocean literally since the day she was born. From the glistening water and cresting surf she draws purpose and meaning. Whether she’s surfing, scuba diving, playing water polo or island-hopping, the islands act as an enchanting life undercurrent. Now, this ocean-bred free spirit is bringing the Shaka vibe to life with an authentic line of wave-infused, active clothing and lifestyle gear. Drawing from Elizabeth’s deep connection with the water, Shaka Kai transforms island motifs into wearable art.

Shaka Kai is inspired by Elizabeth and a team of young, spirited design enthusiasts.
Shaka Kai’s mission is to express the Shaka way and all it stands for – friendship, peace, compassion and solidarity – across a world that’s hungry for kindness and calmness.

Shaka Kai brings this vision alive with unique, original island wear that spreads the Shaka vibe through color, shape and authenticity. Every item is personally curated and hand-selected to create the perfect blend of style and spirit.

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