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Stuart Boatworks Llc

3515 SE Lionel Terrace
Stuart, FL 34997
United States
(772) 600-7121

Stuart Boatworks is a small, Semi-Custom Boat Builder dedicated to building Yacht Quality Finished boats.

The single biggest difference between our boats and 99% of the other outboard powered center console boats built in the U.S. is the bottom shape of the boat and how it runs thru the water.

99% of outboard powered, “offshore” center consoles
Almost all “offshore” fishing boats have an industry-wide accepted, deep-vee hull with up to as much as 24 degrees of deadrise aft, very hard reversed chines on the outboard edge of their hulls, and large aggressive lifting strakes on each side of their centerline, up to as many as 3 strakes per side with 2 probably being the norm. That design concept is intended to use all of the lifting strakes and flat angular surfaces to provide lift and reduce the length of the hull that is running in the water and thus reduce the wetted surface and friction on the bottom of the hull in order to gain speed. It predetermines that the boat must blast through waves on a repetitive basis, wave after wave. And hopefully they have the structural integrity built into their boats to withstand that approach over many years.

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