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Tom George Yacht Group

343 Causeway Blvd, Suite 210
Dunedin, FL 34698
United States
(727) 734-8707

In the days before advanced electronics and GPS satellites voyaging the sea was a perilous venture. Sailors entrusted their lives to the guidance of the stars and a simple compass rose. Yet when the sea tempestuously rose and a storm clouded their view of the heavens, men relied only on their trusty magnetic needle alone to stay on course. This is why seafarers of old understood the importance of having a solid, trustworthy and reliable compass. Their very lives depended on it.

Luckily today we have a vast array of technology at our disposal to ensure safe maritime recreation. However, in these changing times, the yachting market itself can be a tumultuous place. It is a challenge to find an ally as you navigate the market-- a broker who is looking out for your best interest.

The Tom George Yacht Group is dedicated to its clients and their interests come second to none. The loyalty of our clients is the greatest testimony of our commitment to you. With twenty years of experience in the yachting industry we have customers that have been with us since the beginning. Experience the commitment and reliability for yourself.

Tom George Yacht Group - always pointing you in the right direction.

Exhibited At: 

33 Open Fisherman Invincible

C40 Carver

40 Cat Invincible

340 DC Everglades

C37 Carver

435 CC Everglades

273 CC Everglades

280 CC Edgewater

243 CC Everglades

25 SC Coblat

248 CX Edgewater

245 CC Edgewater