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Yacht-mate Products Inc

3200 S. Andrews Ave. Ste 105
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
United States
(954) 527-0112

Yacht-Mate Is Celebrating Over 20 Years In Business!

Sandy Hoekstra founded Yacht-Mate in 1999. Sandy has been in the water softener, filtration and treatment business since 1992 beginning for Aqua Care with national restaurant chains as clients. She then advanced to Cuno, Inc. as regional manager.

After seeing what was available on the marine market for water treatment, Sandy decided to venture out on her own. She offered a full line of water treatment services and equipment to the marine market that had been available traditionally to the residential and commercial markets.

Most of the water treatment systems sold to the marine industry were water makers and PVC type water softeners. Many boat and yacht owners did not want to drink the water on the vessels because of water quality issues.

Yacht-Mate Products originated to satisfy a niche market for boats of all sizes for water treatment that would be efficient in performance, results, overall quality and capacity.

Recently Yacht-Mate Products came out with a similar PVC water softener type product with many changes to previous designs. Yacht-Mate Products offers a quality built system by incorporating a superior interior distribution system method of purging air that is trapped in traditional systems. The Yacht-Mate Products has a more efficient recharge system enabling a full recharge of the water softener.

Yacht-Mate Products offers a full range of Water Softeners, UV Sterilizers, Drinking Systems, and Ozone products for a complete quality water management program to ensure water is fresh and safe.

Our goal is to provide quality systems and programs with confidence and integrity.

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