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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019 Exhibitor Directory

S & S Propeller Co.
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1218

S & S Propeller Co.

Over 65 Years of Service.

S&S Propeller is a complete marine propeller service shop that has been family-owned and operated since 1946. For the last three generations, the Georgio family has been servicing vessels on the Atlantic coast with two large locations, New York and Pompano Beach, FL. Our time in this industry combined with our commitment to quality service has earned us a national reputation. Any place you ask they will tell you that here at S&S Propeller “We Make’em GO FAST!”

Sabre Yachts
Exhibiting At: 
Green Zone B Dock 212
Green Zone B Dock 214
Exhibited At: 

Sabre Yachts

Sabre Yachts has been crafting luxury yachts since 1970 when the company founder set out to build the finest possible 28-foot sailing yacht. Today, Sabre produces powerboat models from 38 to 66 feet in length with Salon Express and Fly Bridge variations. All current Sabre models are constructed using our state-of-the-art VIP resin infusion technology and designed with the owner-as-operator in mind.

Sacs Srl

Sacs knows the sea, in depth, since 1989. Over these thirty years, we have become leaders in the production of “maxiribs”, identifying and anticipating each technological and aesthetic evolution, and always aiming as high as possible.

Our mission is that of giving those who choose us the sensation of “driving at sea”, which for us means having such a deep mastery and confidence over our RIBs such as to enable us to challenge the waves together, like feeling at home.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 403A

Safety First Dive Equipment

Safety First Diving Equipment and Toys for Yachts is a Pompano Beach establishment primarily servicing The Yachting community with Dive equipment and water related toys. We also service and sell Dive Compressors, Nitrox Systems, O2 Generators, etc.

Sakiotis S.a.
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 647

Sakiotis S.a.

The European leading company in marine supplies, electronics and led lighting solutions. We represent the most prominent marine manufacturers in the market with a worldwide presence in more than 20 countries. A few years ago we also introduced the innovative product line of 'MEGA LED' that has been met with huge success, offering led lighting sustainable products in the most competitive prices in Europe.

Sas Safe Boat Equipment - Fendertex

Exhibiting At: 
Red Zone F/G Dock 42
Red Zone F/G Dock 43
Red Zone F/G Dock 06
Red Zone F/G Dock 07
Red Zone F/G Dock 08
Red Zone F/G Dock 09
Exhibited At: 

Schaefer Yachts


At Schaefer Yachts you will find performance, technology, comfort and sophistication in harmony for you and your family to live the best moments at sea.

Brazil's largest yachts manufacturer Schaefer Yachts develops and transforms the Brazilian nautical sector for 27 years. More than 3,700 boats delivered between 26 and 83 feet, which sets a new standard of quality and innovation in the market.

Exhibiting At: 
Boating Accessories Tent, 101

Sea Bags, Inc

Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories that bring our customers great happiness. You see, we believe that sails soak up sun, salt, smiles and adventure. Each Sea Bag is meticulously designed, sewn and finished by skilled Maine craftspeople: world-class sewers, artists, graduates of top-notch design schools. The thought, care and skill that goes into each bag is evident. We carefully select and cut sails, taking into account unique stitching details, grommet holes and, occasionally, treasures like tell-tales.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 410

Sea Hawk Paints

American Made and Owned Manufacturer of Sea Hawk Paints for over 40 years, New Nautical Coatings, Inc. was established in 1978 and is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality products to today’s mariner.

Sea Hawk paints are made with care and attention to every detail. Every gallon is inspected before it leaves our facility to ensure that it meets our stringent quality control requirements.

Exhibiting At: 

Sea Pro Boats

Exhibiting At: 
Red Zone G/H Dock 43
Red Zone G/H Dock 44
Red Zone G/H Dock 45
Red Zone G/H Dock 46
Red Zone G/H Dock 39
Red Zone G/H Dock 40
Red Zone G/H Dock 41
Red Zone G/H Dock 42

Sea Ray

Happiness has a ripple effect.

A Sea Ray is more than a boat—it's a craft of unparalleled comfort and performance, technology and technique. It's decades of expertise building the most sophisticated sport boats, cruisers and yachts on the water. It's an unwavering dedication to customer service and community. And it's the belief that happiness is best enjoyed with the wind in your hair, loved ones at your side and a beautiful boat beneath you.

We build something else

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 18
Exhibited At: 

Sea School

Sea School offers U.S. Coast guard approved maritime training and is considered to be the premier maritime training school in the country. We've been in business for over 42 years with convenient locations along the eastern seaboard, gulf coast and the Caribbean. Our coast guard approved instructors are the best in the industry.Whether you're new to the maritime world or an "Old Salt", sea school has you covered. We never forget that you're the customer and your career goals are as important to us as they are to you. 

Sea Technology

Sea Technology has been manufacturing Shore Power and RV Power pedestals in Virginia since 1984. Here at Sea Technology we have the resources and the personnel to produce the highest quality power pedestals, and we still are able to provide a personal touch and excellent customer service, which are important with custom products like power pedestals.

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 71

Sea Tow Services International, Inc.

Sea Tow has been the on-water assistance fleet of choice for boaters since 1983. A franchise-based marine assistance organization headquartered in Southold, New York, Sea Tow was founded in 1983 by Captain Joseph Frohnhoefer after the U.S Coast Guard stopped responding to non-emergency calls.

Exhibiting At: 
Conv. Ctr. Space 2023
Red Zone H/I Dock 37
Red Zone H/I Dock 38
Red Zone H/I Dock 39
Red Zone H/I Dock 40

Sea Vee Boats

Originally founded in 1974 by Miami native Captain Don McGee, SeaVee Boats was born from the demand for a boat capable of withstanding the most rigorous fishing experience. SeaVee’s unique, high quality boats quickly developed a devoted customer base. By selling directly to customers and cutting out the middleman, the captain was able to also offer his outstanding boats at lower prices than competitors.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 708

Sea Vision By Underwater Lights Usa

Sea Vision is a complete marine lighting company. Along with the industry-leading underwater lights, Sea Vision is able to be a single source solution provider for all aspects of marine lighting. With an expanded portfolio of products that include interior, exterior, navigation, name board and utility lights, Sea Vision is able to address the requirements of all sectors of the marine industry.

Sea Water Pro Llc

SeaWater Pro Watermakers

Seabob Cayago Americas

Unlimited riding pleasure.

Relaxed or intensive.

Are you ready?

Turn up the power and away you go.

If you are looking for the ultimate driving pleasure, simply head for the water. No boundaries, no limits. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the SEABOB-Jet. Whatever gear you have selected, you will receive an unforgettable driving experience.

Speed is regulated via the Controlgrip. The enormous thrust generated between the power levels lends the SEABOB a dynamism and fascination beyond compare.

Seacoast Marine Finance
Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 170
Exhibited At: 

Seacoast Marine Finance

Seacoast Marine Finance is a division of Seacoast National Bank, operating in strict compliance with all state and federal banking laws. You can rest assured that your application is handled by professionals who value your privacy and confidentiality.

Exhibiting At: 
Conv. Ctr. Space 2010
Green Zone C/D Dock 04
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1043
Exhibited At: 

Seakeeper, Inc

We set out to create gyro stabilization technology so effective that it would forever transform boating.

By eliminating boat roll, we knew we could make time spent on the water much safer and vastly more enjoyable. Since the introduction of the first Seakeeper, 
we've seen and heard thousands of times how it has changed people's lives: the astonishment, excitement, relief, and joy they exude when the Seakeeper turns on and the boat settles, is magical.