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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019 Exhibitor Directory

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 87

T & M Dock Products Inc Dba Seahorse Dock & Mooring Products

Taco Marine
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 403

Taco Marine

In 1959, TACO Metals Founder Dave Kushner took a small Miami-based aluminum railing fabrication company and grew it into an established metal and marine manufacturing full-service enterprise with more than 110 employees today. In the early 1970s, TACO Metals entered the marine market as South Florida became known as a mecca for the recreational marine industry. We recognized a market and became quickly identified as a primary source supplier for the marine industry.

The Next Generation of TACO

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 474

Taiwan External Trade Development Council

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 74

Talii Towels

The most common question I hear is “how did Talii Towels get started?” Like most great ideas TaliiTowels came in the form of a solution to a problem. During the summer of 2012 my cousin from Belgium and I spent time together at the Beach. She travelled with a unique towel that I loved for its fantastic qualities: it was compact, quick to dry, and super absorbent. As a seasoned traveller, and a single mom 'compact' was essential quality of my favourite products. I looked to purchase a few of these towels for myself but there were no attractive colours or sizes available.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 423

Teak Deck Company

Teak Deck Company ™ fabricates and sells ready to install teak decking and flooring products for boat manufacturers, boat owners and professional contractors. We install teak decks in the United States and on mega-yacht decks worldwide.  In business since 1996,  Teak Deck Company is the second largest teak deck manufacturer in the USA.

Teakdecking Systems
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 608

Teakdecking Systems

TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS, INC. is the leading producer of pre-manufactured teak decks in pre-trimmed panels, for all types of vessels. Decks are pre-manufactured in straight or curved panels to the plank sheer of the vessel. Beautiful custom interior floors, installations, and refurbishments available worldwide. TDS now offers ESTHEC® and HERCULAN® synthetic decking in custom designs. Our decking products include TDS caulking, cleaners, & adhesives.

Techno Tanks Dba Techno Group
Exhibiting At: 
Conv. Ctr. Sailfish Pavilion 4150

Techno Tanks Dba Techno Group

TechnoGroupUSA is one of many flexitank companies but with one major difference. A propietary design. Flexitanks also known as Flexibags are the safest, most innovative solution to transport and store bulk liquids while preserving the integrity and quality of your product is with Flexitanks. In Miami, FL we work with a wide array of different companies. Flexitanks for sale through TechnoGroupUSA are frequently used to export and import water, wine, juice, concentrates, glycerin, additives and much more.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone American Pavilion 831


Originally established in 1997 in Miami, Florida, TechnoGroup is comprised of three sister companies, which includes TechnoSystems (USA), TechnoSolutions (France), and TechnoSystems (Singapore). Individually, each company is a full service engineering and system integration firm addressing the technical needs of the Audiovisual, Broadcast, and Entertainment Industries.  Through the combination of the three firms, TechnoGroup is an international force that is able to provide specification, procurement, installation, training, and post installation service for A/V and lighting.

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Marine Electronics 369

Tecnografic Inc

Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, our 13,000 sq ft facility is entirely dedicated to surface technology and manufacturing.  Tecnografic is the only North American Licensee of Taica's CUBIC printing decoration technology in the marine sector. Our unique and highly specialist hydro-dipping ink-water transfer process, makes products with extreme realistic patterns such as wood grain, high-tech designs and natural finishes. 


Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 141
Exhibited At: 

Tees By Bo, Inc.

Telemar Yachting Americas
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 676

Telemar Yachting Americas

Leveraging on more than 70 years of expertise, we provide to maritime customers an integrated offering of bridge electronics, on board  and maintenance services, as well as satellite communications through the Marlink Group.

We provide to more than 3,000 ships -merchant shipping, cruise and ferry companies, superyachts and fishing vessels- servicing contracts and marine electronics solutions designed to improve navigation safety and operational efficiency.

Tess Electric
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone American Pavilion 808

Tess Electric

Tess Electrical - An Industry Leader

TESS LLC has been a leading provider of marine electrical services in the South Florida area for more than 30 years. Tess provides diligent work and services to the yacht, mega yacht, cruise ships, commercial vessels and other clients around the world. Our team is able to work quickly and efficiently within a yacht’s tight schedules. We understand that the yacht is the owner’s or charter quest’s relaxation method and also the crew’s living and workplace. Our motto is “Our Strength is our Commitment to Service” and we live by that.

Thermowell Di Renato Napoli

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 543

Thetford Corporation

The Thetford Name is Your Assurance of Quality

As the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for the RV, marine, camping and truck markets, Thetford Corporation makes mobile living a more pleasant experience. Thetford products include complete lineups of:

Lightweight, low-water-use toilets permanently mounted in RVs, boats or trucks

Hand-carried, fresh-water-flush, self-contained portable toilets that have a multitude of uses

Specially-formulated waste holding tank deodorants and treatments used with these toilets

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 706

Thg Paris

Since 1956, THG Paris has established itself as THE brand for high end bathroom fittings and accessories.

Semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, onyx, optical glass, natural marble: the brand scrupulously selects top quality materials to create exceptional pieces. THG Paris represents resolutely timeless luxury and art of living.

Throw Raft
Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 132

Throw Raft

The inventor and founder of ThrowRaft, Troy is the real deal. A fisherman turned yacht captain turned all-around waterman, he understands how relentless it can be out there when you’re not prepared. He was even stranded 9 miles offshore once, having to claw his way back to land over the course of 16 grueling hours.



Thunderbolt Marine Inc
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone American Pavilion 814-816

Thunderbolt Marine Inc

Thunderbolt Marine (TMI) is where Savannah's charm, hospitality and history of maritime tradition welcomes yacht captains, crew and owners from around the world, and around the corner, for maintenance, refit and repair.

TMI's world-class facility includes a state-of-the-art spray booth which provides lighting and heat controlled conditions for painting that can be matched by no other. TMI's In-House Team of skilled craftsmen and well accomplished tradesmen deliver quality work at competitive prices.

Exhibiting At: 
Green Zone C/D Dock 59A
Green Zone C/D Dock 53
Green Zone C/D Dock 54
Green Zone C/D Dock 55
Green Zone C/D Dock 56
Green Zone C/D Dock 57
Green Zone C/D Dock 58
Green Zone C/D Dock 59
Green Zone C/D Dock 60
Green Zone C/D Dock 60A
Green Zone C/D Dock 60B
Green Zone C/D Dock 60C

Tiara Yachts

Everything we do at Tiara Yachts centers around the enjoyment of friends, family and the water. We bring this focus to life through sophisticated design and engineering, creating yachts that are visually stunning, incredibly comfortable, technologically advanced, and easier to pilot. We are unwavering in our commitment to perfection and constantly seeking ways to improve the yachting experience. We also believe in taking care of the customer first.

Tide Runner

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 65
Exhibited At: 

Tideslide Mooring Systems/psi Marine

TideSlide Systems are tested and proven to meet the rigorous standards
of the United States Navy Heavy Weather Mooring Codes.

TideSlide Systems are offered in sizes & lengths for every boat and dock
and TideSlides do NOT need to line up with your cleats.

TideSlide Systems are Insurer Approved


• Works on any tie-up- Slip or One side

• Does NOT need to line up with cleat

• Solid 316L Grade Stainless Steel

• Absolutely NO Maintenance

• Tie-up securely and tightly

• Proudly made in USA