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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019 Exhibitor Directory

U.s. Corrosion Technologies
Exhibiting At: 
Conv. Ctr. Sailfish Pavilion 4166

U.s. Corrosion Technologies

Corrosion Technologies is a fast-growing, Dallas-based company that was formed in February 1988 under the name of Corrosion Block, Inc. to import and distribute an anti-corrosion product used in the general aviation industry. In July 1992, the company changed its name to Corrosion Technologies Corporation to reflect a broader range of endeavor; and, in November 1993, undertook expanded operations as a manufacturer of a complete line of anti-corrosion products and equipment for aviation, marine, automotive, RV, maintenance, industrial, household, agricultural and general purpose uses.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone American Pavilion 840

U.s. Superyacht Association

The U.S. Superyacht Association (USSA) is a non-profit trade association whose mission is “To promote and support the U.S. Superyacht industry and its members worldwide through advocacy, marketing and education.”

The USSA is made up of a variety of businesses across the United States and around the world that represent thousands of jobs and tremendous economic impact on our economy. We need a strong unified voice to protect the superyacht industry.


Umt Marine
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 419

Umt Marine

UMT is well known for its commitment to old world, custom crafted marine technology throughout every phase of the fabrication and manufacturing process. Boat owners and professionals in the marine industry have come to expect superior quality from UMT and we are proud of the outstanding reputation that UMT has established for custom crafted marine technology products.

Underwater Lights Limited, Inc.
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 705

Underwater Lights Limited, Inc.

We've all been told time and time again print media is a dying industry. We view supporting the industry press as a duty rather than a line item on our budget. The boating press is vital for keeping the marine industry at the forefront of design and innovation but also highlighting its vital function within communities such as Fort Lauderdale and the South of France. We are proud to be affiliated with publications such as Boat International and Yachting Matters and will continue to do so.

Exhibiting At: 
Orange Zone LOM C Dock 23A
Orange Zone LOM C Dock 25A
Orange Zone Las Olas Marina 129
Orange Zone LOM C Dock 23
Orange Zone LOM C Dock 24
Orange Zone Las Olas Space 31B
Exhibited At: 

United Yacht Sales

Yacht brokers are the key to our success, and yours. United Yacht Sales is proud to have over 150 yacht brokers in the U.S. and internationally. We make it easy to find a local yacht broker in your area or help you search nationwide.

United Yacht Transport
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone American Pavilion 802-3
Exhibited At: 

United Yacht Transport

United Yacht Transport is a yacht transport & boat shipping company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. United Yacht Transport specializes exclusively in the transportation of yachts to any worldwide destination. Through our highly skilled and experienced yacht transportation management team, both on shore and aboard our ships, we are dedicated to providing our clients with safe, efficient, and reliable boat shipping / yacht shipping solutions. We are one of the most progressive and innovative in the yacht transportation industry.

Exhibiting At: 

Usa Fuel Service, Llc

USA FUEL SERVICE LLC is a Florida based, family owned business.

We are exclusively in the tank cleaning, fuel polishing and fuel

additive business. In 2007 we developed a new state-of-the-art

process for cleaning fuel tanks, polishing fuels & stabilizing

stored fuels.