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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019 Exhibitor Directory

Boat Outfitters - Teak Isle
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 513

Boatoutfitters - Teak Isle is a retail division of Teak Isle Mfg. The marine industry leader for OEM fabricated plastic parts, Teak Isle supplies over 200 of the marine industry's leading boat builders with custom fabricated accessories. Our strong reputation for quality products and innovative designs has allowed us to grow into the largest single end user of King Starboard® in the marine industry.

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Marine Electronics 368

Bocatech Switches

At Bocatech, we dedicate ourselves to the research, development and manufacturing of high quality, precision power management instruments.

​With applications in the boat, trucking, power-sport, aviation and RV fields, our products are rapidly becoming standard equipment amongst the leaders in these industries.

​Whether it's our award winning Resettable Switch or our groundbreaking Programmable and Resettable Smart Switch, our instruments deliver high performance in a small footprint.

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 92
Exhibited At: 

Body Glove / Surf 9

A leader in the water sporting goods industry, Surf 9 specializes in creating a unique customer experience through licensed sports equipment and lifestyle footwear. Surf 9 offers services across all functions — including innovative product design, production and manufacturing oversight, managed logistics and supply chain services, customer service, sales, and marketing.

Boening Usa
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 654

Boening Usa

German multinational company, founded in 1977, with over 100 employees in Germany, and subsidiaries in Brazil, Croatia, Italy, Spain and USA. Böning operates in the maritime and shipbuilding industry, providing electronic systems for automation and control. Böning Automationstechnologie (Germany) is DIN ENISO 9001:2008 certifiedand also a NMEA member (International Marine Electronics Association).

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 183

Boeshield T-9

When the Boeing Company needed a better corrosion protectant and waterproof lubricant, they developed Boeshield T-9®.

Forty years ago, the world’s largest aerospace builder—The Boeing Company—needed access to a more reliable metal protectant/lubricant that could withstand long exposure to a corrosive environment.

Their research revealed that Teflon, silicone and synthetic sprays were all inadequate for the task, so they developed a better product of their own. The result was Boeshield T-9®, the only product of its type to be licensed by The Boeing Company.

Bonadeo Boat Works
Exhibiting At: 

Bonadeo Boat Works



Borrow A Boat Ltd.
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 649

Borrow A Boat Ltd.

Get on board!

Boats of all types available to rent globally, on short notice, with flexible dates. No experience required.

We’re here to share the love of boating, of getting outside and on the water, whichever way works for you. That’s why we’ve launched our sub-brands: to make sure you get the onboard experience that fits you best.

Boston Whaler
Exhibiting At: 
Green Zone C Dock 304B
Green Zone C Dock 306
Green Zone C Dock 308
Green Zone C Dock 310
Green Zone C Dock 310A
Green Zone C Dock 310B
Green Zone C Dock 310C
Green Zone C Dock 310D
Green Zone C Dock 310J
Green Zone C Dock 310E
Conv. Ctr. Space 2037
Green Zone C Dock 310F
Green Zone C Dock 300A
Green Zone C Dock 302
Green Zone C Dock 310G
Green Zone C Dock 302B
Green Zone C Dock 310H
Green Zone C Dock 302C
Green Zone C Dock 302D
Green Zone C Dock 304
Green Zone C Dock 304A

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler has delivered for decades what no other boat can. When boats were expected simply to float, Boston Whaler proved they could be unsinkable. Where most fishing boats lack comfort, and most pleasure boats lack fishing features, Boston Whaler proves you can have both at the most premium level. No matter what initially pulls you to the water – fishing, cruising, or water sports – your Whaler will draw you back over and over again.

Exhibiting At: 

Bouaze Pierre Suits

Bouaze Pierre is a highly accomplished master tailor whose work has been described as a blend of triumph and fashion creativity. His diverse collection of fashionwear is considered exclusive and ideal for today’s wedding, social and business events. I’m happy to help my clients realize their own fashion creativity,” he says. Mr. Pierre bespoke garments are extremely rare and only created from the finest fabrics and materials from around the world. With his tailoring services, Mr. Pierre is excited to deliver artistry, quality, craftsmanship, and purpose.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 469

Boyut Makina San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Exhibiting At: 
Exhibited At: 

Bradford Marine

Bradford Marine offers full-service marina/shipyard locations in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Freeport, Grand Bahama. Since 1966, this family-owned company has provided customers with the finest in quality service and support.

Bradley J Winkler Llc. Dba The Cabana Co
Exhibiting At: 

Bradley J Winkler Llc. Dba The Cabana Co

beach house, lake house, pool house, tiny house. you name it. you need a shower cabana.

Brig USA / Sirocco Marine
Exhibiting At: 

Brig Usa / Sirocco Marine

The moment you board, you’re exhilarated. Whether it’s your yacht, sailboat or powerboat, the water is where you come alive — and you’re not alone. Around the globe, water enthusiasts are discovering new ways to make their time on the water even more thrilling, which is why rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) are becoming the new way to hit the water. At Sirocco Marine, we’re proud to offer rigid inflatable boats for sale from a leader in the industry for performance, safety and quality: BRIG.

British Virgin Islands
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 648

British Virgin Islands

BVI Finance is the voice of the British Virgin Islands’ financial services industry; marketing and promoting its products and services, as well as managing and maintaining its excellent reputation as a premier offshore financial centre. Established in 2002 as the BVI International Finance Centre, the company was re-branded to BVI Finance in 2015.

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 159

Brookfield Hospitality Properties, Llc

Broward Casting Foundry
Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 161

Broward Casting Foundry

American Made Aluminum Dock Products, Dock Cleats, Hose Stations, Fish Cleaning Station, Dock Lighting Outdoor Showers, Sand Castings and much more! 

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 677
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 26

Brownie's Yacht Diver Stores

Brownie's YachtDiver is the No.1 Brownie's Third Lung, Tankfill & Nitrox Equipment Dealer in the World!

Brownie's full service dive shops in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach feature Scubapro Dive Gear and have the best selection of quality Dive Gear in South Florida, including Halcyon Dive Gear, custom dive lockers, Tankfill Systems and Dive Compressors, Nitrox Dive Gear, and our famous Brownie's Third Lung / Nemo By BLU3

Dive Gear / Seabob Scooters / Yamaha Scooters /  Water Toys & Services

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 102


Buldano is a Turkish bath towel (peshtemal) manufacturer. The company’s focus is selling the best quality and selective home products and 100% customer satisfaction.

Buldano is a family business and we support local business’ in Turkey. Buldano peshtemal towels are woven by local crafters near Denizli area in Turkey. We mostly use traditional Turkish bath towel patterns on our products to present you the Anatolian peshtemal culture but of course trying to follow the fashion to give you best colorful and stylish options.

Burger Boat Company
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 618
Super Yacht Village 11
Exhibited At: 

Burger Boat Company

Burger Boat Company, founded in 1863, has a long tradition of constructing an extensive variety of vessels to meet the highest expectations. Burger designs and builds custom yachts made of aluminum and/or steel in a community known for extraordinarily skilled professional shipbuilders who take great pride in the quality of their work. Each employee is a practitioner of traditional disciplines, yet is eager to embrace meaningful innovations dedicated to providing you with exquisite craftsmanship that reflects your personal style, while seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology.

Exhibiting At: 
Pink Zone HOF Face Dock 08
Pink Zone HOF Face Dock 09
Pink Zone HOF Face Dock 10
Pink Zone HOF Face Dock 11
Super Yacht Village 07
Pink Zone HOF Face Dock 07
Exhibited At: 


Founded in 1975, and now with 14 offices globally, Burgess is the superyacht industry leader, specialising in yachts of over 100 feet (30 metres). Renowned for its professional yachting services, the company leverages its expertise to guide clients through every aspect of the yachting experience, including sale and purchase, charter, new construction supervision, management, crew services and insurance.