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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019 Exhibitor Directory

Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 621

Cayman Islands Shipping Registry

The global maritime environment is very dynamic and has become increasingly complex and varied over time and these features are expected to exist well into the future. The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry maintains and seeks to continuously develop working partnerships with its existing and potential private sector providers and to forge alliances with its regulatory and industry partners, be they international, regional, or national.

Caymas Boats

Caymas Boats was founded in 2018 by marine industry veteran Earl Bentz. Caymas is dedicated to the distinguished design and meticulous construction of the highest-quality custom fiberglass fishing boats in the world. All Caymas Boats will be produced in Ashland City, Tennessee. Our Ashland City team consists of the most highly-experienced craftsmen in the industry; men and women who share a passion for creating a superior product.

Exhibiting At: 

Century Boats

We've Got A Passion For Perfection


Exclusive RIB system (Rigid Integrated Beams) for improved hull strength without an increase in overall weight

Bronze thru-hulls for reliability (below the water line)

Stainless steel and stalon thru-hulls for durability (above the water line)

Premium, high flex Armorcote®/Image gelcoat for outstanding weatherability and consistent gloss

Hand-laid engineered fabrics.

Century Seas Research

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Marine Equipment 484

Chafe-pro By Fjord, Inc

Since Chafe-Pro’s inception in 1991, we have continued to improve our product line. To that end we have been successful; today Chafe-Pro is regarded as the best chafing gear offered on the world market. We attribute that success to our customers, we listen to suggestions; many of which have been incorporated into the product line. Chafe-Pro’s experienced design & manufacturing team have an excellent reputation for quickly responding to customers’ requests for special applications.

Channell Glass
Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 43

Channell Glass

For over 3 decades, Christopher Channell has enjoyed his working relationship with glass.
Channell’s glass art work is Internationally recognized and is proudly
enjoyed by the most discriminating owners of private yachts, luxurious
homes, and a wide variety of other locations.

Chaos Fishing
Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Boating Accessories 24

Chaos Fishing

For over 20 years CHAOS has supplied the fishing community with top quality gear. From rods, reels, and tackle to great fishing apparel, CHAOS has become synonymous with the fishing lifestyle. From our Pompano Beach, Florida shop we build and ship rods and lures all over the world, supporting weekend anglers, guides and charter captains, and competitive tournament teams. Unique in that we both stock a broad product line for immediate delivery to meet most customer needs; and, we build custom rods to your exact specification.

Exhibiting At: 

Chaparral Boats, Inc.

Chaparral has been building quality family boats since 1965. Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Chaparral has called Nashville, Georgia home since 1976. Encompassing over 1 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, we are one of the South Georgia’s largest employers with a full time roster of over 800 employees. Building high quality boats is still a process completed by hand by skilled craftsmen. At Chaparral, many of our builders are second or third generation boat builders that take personal pride in every boat they build.

Exhibiting At: 
Green Zone C Dock 315
Green Zone C Dock 315A
Green Zone C Dock 315B
Green Zone C Dock 315C
Green Zone C Dock 315D
Green Zone C Dock 316C
Green Zone C Dock 316D
Green Zone C Dock 316E
Green Zone C Dock 316E
Green Zone C Dock 317C
Green Zone C Dock 319
Green Zone C Dock 319A
Green Zone C Dock 319B
Green Zone C Dock 319C

Chris-craft Corporation

Everyone Has a Chris-Craft Story.

The name alone conjures up images of classic wooden boats, waving flags, and unforgettable memories made on the waves. Chris-Craft has carved out an iconic place in history and made its way into the hearts of boat lovers worldwide. Today, we continue to nurture the love affair, driven by the same principles that defined us years ago. And, while we are committed to expanding our range of boats, we will always design and craft them with the same appreciation for quality, uncommon beauty, and standout style.

Chub Cay Resort And Marina
Exhibiting At: 
Exhibited At: 

Chub Cay Resort And Marina

More than just a fisherman's paradise.

Here are some of the many amenities and activities that can be found here at Chub Cay:

Brand new Chub Cay Clubhouse with full service hotel, restaurant, indoor and outdoor bars and an infinity pool overlooking our amazing Sunset Beach.

Private Chub Cay Cabana rentals on the beach and Villa rentals with larger accommodations that can fit up to 10 guests with full kitchens, living rooms with satellite tv, high-speed internet, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 704

Cimolai Technology Spa

Cimolai Technology SpA supplies special hoisting and transport equipment, among which: mobile boat hoists and self-propelled trolleys (on rails or tires) for boats from 30 up to 2000 t, ship lifting platforms and transfer systems to launch, dry-dock and handle huge vessels as well as special cranes to move, lift and turn ship blocks. The machines can be designed to meet the customers’ specific needs and are 100% made in Italy. The company ensures an efficient worldwide after-sale service.

CJR Propulsion Ltd.
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 634

CJR Propulsion Ltd.

Within the CJR Group sits CJR Propulsion and CJR Fabrication. Both businesses are amongst Europe's most respected marine manufacturers, trusted by the world's biggest yards and most discerning owners.

Exhibiting At: 
Green Zone E Dock 500
Green Zone E Dock 500A
Exhibited At: 

CL Yachts (Cheoy Lee)

Cheoy Lee, shipbuilders to the world for over a century, is proud to present CL Yachts, its newly established luxury-division.  Founded on a legacy of expertise and craftsmanship,  CL Yachts embraces a modern approach to yachting that focuses on innovation and authentic experiences

ISO9001 & OHSAS18001

Clean New Usa Llc
Exhibiting At: 

Clean New Usa Llc

Since 2014 CleanNew came out in order to create a new concept of hygiene and shielding for upholstered furniture. We created a service that increases up to three times the furniture's utility life, always preserving the factory color and their original features. Using high quality raw materials in the most modern area of the textile industry, we developed with the chemical industry our own Nanotechnology system also called ‘Upholstery Shielding’.

Exhibiting At: 

Clearsight Opticians

With over 3000 frames on display, Clearsight Opticians has the largest selection of fashion eyewear found anywhere in the industry. In the unlikely case that you cannot find what you want, we can order virtually any frame available and at excellent prices. Clearsight Opticians, located in Fort Lauderdale for over 41 years, is the most unique optical super store in the country. We have been family owned and operated since our inception and have remained in our original location.

Click Heat Dba Wonderpax
Exhibiting At: 
Conv. Ctr. Sailfish 4110
Conv. Ctr. Sailfish 4226
Conv. Ctr. Sailfish 4259

Click Heat Dba Wonderpax

DS18 is a leading electronics manufacturer specializing in Mobile, Marine & Home Electronic equipment with its headquarters in Miami, FL, USA. DS18 was created and developed by a team of young and determined professionals who understand the needs in today’s audio industry.
Offering several series of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, midranges, cables, accessories, component sets and much more DS18 guarantees to satisfy customers seeking a wide assortment of products.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 652

Club Yacht Charter

Club Yacht Charter is about making Luxurious Memories

We specialize in customized vacations, holidays and moments that you will treasure forever.

Reach out to our Travel Concierges, we pride ourselves in making a memorable trip easy to book and efficient to plan. Your memorable experience is our challenge to create and deliver.

Our mission is to provide first class, luxurious yacht vacations at accessible rates. We own and maintain world-class yachts that are fully captained and crewed for the most relaxing and worry-free experience possible.

Cluster Yachting Monaco
Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 681

Cluster Yachting Monaco

The Cluster Yachting Monaco is an organisation working for the future of yachting in the Principality. A centre of competitiveness uniting interdependent organisations and companies in the same sector, the Cluster Yachting Monaco aims to unite all professionals working in the Monaco marketplace. The Cluster is an action taken by a top-level council of the Monaco Government (Conseil Stratégique pour l’attractivité).

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion 707

CMC Marine Corp

CMC Marine operates in the market for yacht’ stabilizing systems and thruster. The over twenty years of experience of the founders in the industry, as well as the consistent investments in R&D, allowed the company to become a major international player in its sector. In 2009 CMC Marine launched on the market Stabilis Electra, first and unique stabilizing system with an electrical actuator instead of the traditional hydraulic one. In 2013 Stabils Electra’s project obtained the European Patent: EU Patent n° 2172394.

Exhibiting At: 
Blue Zone Marine Electronics 376

Cmor Mapping Llc

It might appear at first glance that offering a more complete and detailed representation of the sea floor than previously available for chartplotters has the potential to harm marine resources.

We believe otherwise, though. As lifelong, passionate watermen ourselves, we wouldn't have worked as hard as we have to make this technology commercially available if we thought it would hurt the oceans we love.