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Miami Yacht Show 2019 Exhibitor Directory

Palm Beach Motor Yachts
Exhibited At: 

Palm Beach Motor Yachts

Palm Beach Motor Yachts has set the bar in performance, power and long range cruising. The new GT series offers a simple to operate & own Palm Beach capable of 42knots, burning an efficient 40 gallon/hour at 35 knots. Beautiful exterior lines and contemporary interior finishes deliver timeless appeal. Palm Beach Motor Yachts invites you to live life well. Every one of our luxury yachts is impeccably crafted from the hull up to deliver epic performance, range and efficiency for a ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Paradise Grilling Systems, Inc.

Paradise Grilling Systems is proud to offer the worlds strongest built Outdoor kitchens, Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Tiki Huts. Let us show you step-by-step why a Paradise Grilling Systems product offers the superior quality you have been looking for!

Pardo Yachts (Cantiere Del Pardo, SPA)
Exhibiting At: 
Red Zone F/G Dock 33B
Red Zone F/G Dock 34A
Red Zone F/G Dock 33A
Exhibited At: 

Pardo Yachts (cantiere Del Pardo Spa)

PARDO YACHTS brand was born in 2016 by Cantiere del Pardo after 40 years of experience in boat building. The passion and success allows to invest in new innovations and technology, to develop new models and to improve the costumer care.

Peck Yachts
Exhibiting At: 
Orange Zone LOM A Dock 11A
Pink Zone HOF South 209
Exhibited At: 

Peck Yachts

About Mark Peck, South Florida Yacht Broker

Mark was born and raised in South Florida. He inherited a love of boating from his parents who were avid fisherman and by age 10 was skippering his 13’ Boston Whaler up and down the canals of Fort Lauderdale. In 1980, Mark joined Chas P. Irwin Yacht Brokerage, obtained his brokers license and quickly achieved success in the business.

In 2000 Mark joined Westport Yacht Sales and added new boat sales and construction to his resume along with his brokerage experience.

Exhibiting At: 
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1083
Exhibited At: 

Phasor Marine

The Pleasure of Power

The Passion for Design

Powercases Inc
Exhibited At: 

Powercases Inc

POWERCASES is a 21st century technology company that develops portable power solutions through innovative application of lithium ion battery technology to a range of products for business and consumers.

POWERCASES products are compact, reliable, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

POWERCASES was founded in 2012 and has operations in North America and Europe.

Prestige Imports
Exhibiting At: 
Super Yacht Village Car Space 2
Exhibited At: 

Prestige Imports

Over 35 years ago, Prestige Imports established itself as a leader and innovator of the luxury automobile world. Founded by Irv David, upon principles of excellent service and personal commitment to customer satisfaction, it has since expanded into one of the most successful auto groups in the country. Before Prestige Imports became what it is today, the business started from a gas station that Mr. David owned evolving into a dealership selling used European cars. Mr.

Prime Industry One Llc
Exhibited At: 

Prime Industry One Llc

Prime Industry One Llc