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Golden Boat Lifts® has the finest drive unit ever introduced for a boat lift system. The “Sea-Drive” is an Aluminum Die-Cast Enclosure, Housing Dual Worm Gear Reducers. This configuration assures that the gearbox will never back drive. We do not use electric brakes, as even the best electric brakes fail in a harsh waterfront environment. Our system connects the Sea-Drive directly to the boat lift drive shaft with an oversized 5/8″ hardened drive pin. This is needed due to the high output torque the Sea-Drive produces.


Golden Boat Lifts® exclusive Sea-Drive, has a 10-year warranty on the housing and gears for customers that have regular maintenance performed on their boat lift.


The high-speed gear set is a 5:1 for high efficiency. It utilizes a production gear set from an industrial product line designed to Sea-Drive® specifications. The gear is made from a heat-treated alloy and meshes with a bronze worm gear.

The low-speed gear set is a high-ratio (96:1) designed to have an extremely low helix angle to prevent any possibility of back drifting. The large center distance of the low-speed gear set results in lower tooth loads for a given output torque.


The Sea-Drive® reducer is filled with a proven high-quality lubricant. This high-viscosity grease is capable of handling the high shear stress inherent in heavily loaded boat lift gears. This grease also eliminates the potential for any leakage.


The Sea-Drive® is shaft-mounted with dual flanges to accommodate different drive positions. The drive is connected to the lift shaft with a 5/8″ grade “5” cross bolt. This is the largest drive bolt in the industry. The sea-Drive produces over 8000 inch-pounds of torque and would break the smaller bolts used by other boat lift companies.

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