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Alignment Services


Rotating equipment will not be reliable if the alignment between the driving and driven shaft centerlines does not form a straight line. Misalignment causes up to 50% of machinery vibrations and should not be underestimated. Investing in alignment can prove to be extremely beneficial for maintenance budgets, often, with an immediate and noticeable ROI.

Excessive wear on mechanical components

Premature breakdown of equipment

Costly downtime

Bearing & seal damage

Shaft bends

Unbalance of rotating components

Machinery soft-foot conditions

Alignment Services

Using laser, optical or strain gage technologies, alignment extends the life of machinery and markedly improves its performance.

Alignments performed by AME's Service Technicians and Engineers greatly improve the productivity of machinery by increasing efficiency and preventing premature failure and a costly downtime.

Computerized Laser & Optical Alignment

Balancing (Field & Shop)

Machinery Isolation

Shaft Modeling/Strain Gage Measurements