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ANG Stabilizer

Provides voltage regulation and electrical isolation from the shore. The Voltage stabilizer is designed to ensure a stable onboard power supply while protecting the boat from any fluctuating voltage coming from the dock pedestal.

It is fully automatic and protects the vessel by regulating the voltage onboard. It is able to connect to low voltage, high voltage and always provides stable output power to the vessel.

The ANG-STABILIZER can be installed at the dock to prevent any fluctuation in voltage that can cause serious damages to the onboard equipment. It protects the boat from very high voltage, low voltage, short circuit.

It monitors the voltage and automatically regulates the output voltage to the boat. The onboard voltage is always stable (+/- 2V) and in case of a large drop in voltage the system automatically shuts down to protect the boat and it will automatically restart when the power is back in range.

ANG-STABILIZER has protection from short circuit, under voltage, over voltage, overload, over current and over temperature.

It is equipped with galvanic isolation transformer, plugs, connectors and output breakers.

Fiber glass enclosure for outdoor IP56 with status indicators (input and output voltage meters);

Adjustable steel feet;