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The AQUA freshwater generator is a major advance based on proven Alfa Laval expertise. AQUA’s optimized process cuts seawater needs in half, which minimizes pipework and allows the installation of smaller seawater pumps. This in turn reduces installation costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

AQUA makes use of 3in1 plate technology, which enables desalination in a single plate pack with one type of titanium plate. Since the plate pack also contains the process vacuum, AQUA has no outer shell and is smaller than other freshwater generators. The plate pack slides open for easy access to the interior without an additional service area.

The use of corrosion and erosion-resistant titanium, combined with an optimized process that inhibits natural scaling, ensures that AQUA needs little maintenance. The system has been fully tested both on and off shore, and is designed to last the lifetime of the ship.

AQUA - Single Stage Fresh Water Generator

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