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Backlit Desktop Numpad Keyboard


This 38 key LED backlit keyboard is built around 38 short travel, tactile feel switches (numeric, function and control keys) and a 38 mm trackball. The compact but well defined key layout combined with an industrial grade trackball enables a fast and comfortable access to the most important machine commands and an accurate control of the cursor.

  • IP65 sealed keyboard
  • Well defined key layout, tactile feel switches
  • With 38mm industrial IP65 sealed trackball
  • 38 keys, numeric, function and control short travel keys
  • Tactile feel switches with 2.55 N operating force
  • Fast and comfortable access of the most important machine commands
  • High brightness LED’s with fibre optics
  • Illumination of the key legends and contour, the trackball contour
  • No external power supply necessary
  • Dimmable backlighting at 8 levels by two dedicated keys
  • White backlighting as standard, other colours on request

Backlit Desktop Numpad Keyboard

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Blue Zone Marine Electronics 329
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