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One year on, after winning the international DAME design and innovation award, NautiBuoy Marine introduces the NEW Patent Pending C-Dock. A docking system compatible with Seabobs, it is another modular addition to the NautiBuoy inflatable range.

Avoid lifting

Drive straight in

  • The C-Dock avoids the need for repetitive lifting of Seabobs from in and out of the water.
  • A brilliantly simple design providing a drive-in / drive-out solution.
  • Compatible with both the F5 and F5S Seabobs.

Safe, Secure & Protected

A “garage” at water level

  • Your Seabob is an investment that deserves to be looked after.
  • The C-Dock offers you peace of mind, providing your Seabob with a convenient method of protection, from yachts, jet-skis and other watersports equipment.
  • With buckle and webbing security straps. It’s not going anywhere

Training Station

See the controls

  • Beginners can practice their skills and get an understanding of the Seabob controls with more confidence.
  • Contained within the C-Dock and in a more controlled environment, the Seabob controls are even easier to get to grips with.
  • Instructors can be conveniently on hand to provide step-by-step tuition.


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