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  • Plate style chiller encapsulated in urethane foam inside a stainless steel housing enclosure prevents condensation.
  • Large diameter, single-pass fluted coaxial copper-nickel counterflow condenser allows low sea water velocity while providing maximum efficiency and even condensing.
  • Digital staging thermostat allows for continuous temperature readout and preset temperature control.
  • Freezestat control direct sensing on chiller plate surface protects plate from freezing up.
  • Circulating water flow switch protects against low water pressure and flow.
  • Expansion valve metering device provides maximum performance at all temperature ranges.
  • Easy access to sight glass for convenient service diagnostics.
  • Manual high-pressure control reset and automatic low-pressure control reset.
  • Dual high and low pressure service ports for service and optional monitoring.
  • Marine quality, corrosion resistant gloss white finish.
  • Charged with environmentally responsible refrigerant.
  • Wiring covered with fire resistant sheathing.
  • 316L grade stainless steel chassis, fasteners and hardware.
  • Rubber vibration compressor isolation mounting feet.
  • Compact overall size.

Chilled Water Conditioning

FLIBS 2020 Plan
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1228
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