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SeaLift was the first to develop the Cradle Lift and we engineer the Cradle Lift to fit the transom of your boat, so there is no need for shims, adapter brackets, or additional fiberglass modifications. There are currently hundreds of Cradle Lifts in operation, including the first one SeaLift ever engineered!

SeaLift’s Cradle Lifts does all the heavy lifting for you when you want to lower your dinghy down into the water. The Cradle Lift also securely holds the dinghy so that is doesn’t take up deck space like most others do. Another feature to SeaLift’s Cradle Lift is that it holds your Jet Ski or wave runner in place. The Cradle Lift will also lower your personal watercraft into the water so you can ride off the boat into the water, making your boating experience easier & much more convenient!

Depending on your boat’s capabilities, the Cradle Lift has a lifting capacity of up to 1000 lbs. Like the Platform Lift, the Cradle Lift utilizes one hydraulic cylinder. While the other Cradle Lifts on the market use four cylinders, SeaLift’s Cradle Lift only uses one so there are less cylinders and hoses to maintain making it easier for you. SeaLift’s patented design allows for a much greater lifting capacity with one cylinder and two hoses than other manufactures provide. This is why our first Cradle Lift is still running strong!


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