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From the beginning, Doyle Sails has been committed to making sailing more enjoyable and satisfying for their customers. Coastal cruising sailors look for sails that are reliable, durable and easy to use. Whether it's a lazy sail back to port or a fast passage to the next secluded bay, Doyle Sails upwind and downwind cruising sails will get you there with the speed and ease of handling which only their experience and expertise can deliver.

Doyle Sails offers a range of sails to suit every coastal sailors need whether upwind or downwind, using either a traditional panelled or state-of-the-art membrane construction.

A well-made cross-cut sail still represents the best value for many sailors. For cruising sailors who prioritise durability, it offers great value for money and a long service. Some of our customers are reporting that their sails are still going strong after 20 years of use.

Cross-cut cruising mainsails and headsails are available in woven Dacron and a variety of other fabrics. Contact your local Doyle expert to select the most suitable option for your needs.

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