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Dual Band Yacht Controller

The "Dual Band" Yacht Controller, after 12 years of evolution, has provided the basis for our new Wireless Joystick remote “Fusion”. These systems simultaneously transmit on two frequencies thereby eliminating the possibility of signal interruption due to unauthorized use of radio frequency bands by others or government agencies. The security of our system with its 5 microprocessors and 10 relays ensures a command reliability greater than the actual wired controls to the ships on-board microprocessor, yet this plug and play system is easy to install and extremely user friendly. Add to that, a waterproof transmitter which floats and a waterproof receiver and you have durability virtually unmatched by most electronic equipment in the field.

"Dual Band" functionality provides a connection confirmation which silences an acoustical alarm thereby confirming the transmission/reception between the transmitter and receiver, and also a take command button to make the "Dual Band or Fusion" transmitter the active station. In the very unlikely event of loss of connection, the alarm will signal. The Yacht Controller system will always remain in neutral unless the Porsche designed silicone levers or the joystick are pressed, thereby eliminating any danger of unwanted command. If the system is idle for 4 minutes it automatically turns off.

With almost 17,000 Yacht Controllers in the field our technology is well proven, secure, reliable, and precise.