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EZ Hydraulic Cranes

Aesthetically pleasing design.

Available in lifting capacities of up to twenty-thousand pounds, and in working boom lengths starting at thirteen-feet.

Available special-ordered built to MCA Mega Yacht Code compliance.

Capable of being loaded to its full safe working load capacity in any position without restriction.

The intelligent engineering inherent in this design allows distributed load-deflection across the boom during moments of dynamic loading, reducing the amount of shock-loading transmitted to the deck.

Virtually silent-operating Hydraulic Linear Winch system, a totally non-fouling winch design reflects the innovative and dependably safe operating characteristics built into this crane.

Features 359° hydraulic power rotation providing the ultimate handling convenience.

Remotely operated with a proportional joy-stick control on a removable pendant.

Optional wireless proportional control available.

A pedestal base is the typical mounting structure. A floating-flange standpipe mount may also be used in some applications.

Powered by a hydraulic power unit, available in various horsepower configurations.

The EZ-Systems crane is finished to our highest standards. The aluminum structure is etched and then primed with a two-part epoxy primer. The system is faired smooth, and then primed again. The crane is hand sanded, the moved into our heated finish booth where it is coated with a two-part urethane paint products. Our standard colors are Matterhorn white, Off white, and Snow white. All other colors will be special order and quoted upon request.