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Fire Hoses

Fire Hoses Often over looked as an essential aspect of a buildings fire fighting capabilities, occupant use fire hoses need to be inspected and tested in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and state fire codes. In service occupant use fire hoses must be inspected at least annually in accordance and to comply with NFPA 1961 AND 1962. Inspection consists of unracking, unreeling or unrolling the hose and inspecting to determine that the hose, couplings and nozzle have not been vandalized, are free from debris and exhibit no evidence of mildew, rot, or damage by vandalism, chemicals, burns, cuts, abrasion and vermin. Florida state fire code also requires that occupant use fire hoses pass a hydrostatic pressure test or are replaced at intervals not exceeding 5 years after manufacture and every 3 years thereafter. Fire ranger can install, service, test, hydro-test, inspect and certify all types of fire hoses, from marine vessels and dockside hoses to warehouses, factories, condominiums, schools and offices. Florida state law, coastguard and local authority fire codes vary widely on the placement, use, servicing, testing and certification of fire hoses.