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Marina Casa de Campo is located in a privileged vantage point for water sports. Fishing is the most important. The fishing season is February through May. Peak of the season: March, April.

The fishing season is starred by the Blue Marlin, other Billfish and pelagic species such as Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna. The fishing format is Catch and Release.

In the 2017 Marina Casa de Campo closed an unprecedented fishing season with a total of 1,003 Blue Marlins released in 109 fishing days, with over 1,475 strikes. The fishing season also produced 27-35 White Marlins and 14-20 Sailfish releases, making the Billfish total, 1,044 out of 1,530 strikes.

The 2018 Season was one of the longest and most exciting fishing seasons of Marina Casa de Campo. The season closed on May 30th with 972 Blue Marlin releases out of 1,435 strikes in 131 fishing days. Apart from the excellent Blue Marlin season there were 29 White Marlin releases out of 36 total strikes, an exceptional Sailfish run with 138 releases out of 225 strikes and 35 Swordfish out of 45 total strikes.

The last 3 years our fishing season has been one of the most consistent in the industry ranked in the top ten sport fishing scenarios in the world according

Marina CDC has been the scenario to world records. In April 4, 2009 Bonnie M. Anderson, caught a blue marlin using a W-08 (16 lb) – 151 lbs. 0 oz. – 68.49 kg.

The excellent conditions for Blue Marlin fishing, a world class complex and the personalized service that our clients receive, are a few of the factors that have made our fishing season so successful. This success has made us one of the top high level sport fishing destinations in the world. We have considerably contributed in making the Dominican Republic a Billfish Report top ten sport fish destination in the world for 4 consecutive years. In 2016 Casa de Campo was awarded 10th place among the most prestigious fishing destinations in the world out 50 candidates.

Each year Marina Casa de Campo receives an average of 40 professional sport fishing boats from the United States, which stay in port for an average of 3 months. This generates a transit of about 200 people a month. This attendance is strictly related to sport fishing, later in the description of sponsorship packages we will detail the reach of sponsoring our fishing season.

Multiple activities take place during the fishing season and two of the main events are:

Marina Casa de Campo Cup l From the 15th of March until the 15th of April.

It is a month long release competition which takes place from March 15th until April 15th, in which the boat with the most Blue Marlins released during the established time frame wins the cup.

The name of the winning boat is engraved on the base of the perpetual trophy that is kept in the Casa de Campo Yacht Club. The winner also receives a replica of the trophy and other gifts from our sponsors.

Marina Casa de Campo Open | March 12th to 14th 2020

It is a fishing tournament in the Catch and Release format which forms part of the calendar of events that takes place during the Blue Marlin fishing season. It is directed by Robert “Fly” Navarro and the organizing team of Marina Casa de Campo.


Tournament Director: “Fly” Navarro