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Floating Dock Lift Ladder

This is a must have ladder if you are working with a floating dock for your boat. Different from our standard lift ladder, this specialty model rests in the lift position only 12 inches from the top of the dock keeping it free of marine growth in almost all situations. When deployed, the first step is even with the top of the dock which is different than our other models. Available from 3 to 7 steps with our standard 2” wide step or our optional 4” wide step. We offer a model designed to fit UPS shipping requirements with detachable hand rails in all sizes. Simply bolt the handrails on with the stainless steel bolts provided without any loss of strength or performance. When selecting your size requirements keep in mind that a four-step lift ladder is 48” from the top of the dock, but a four-step floating dock lift ladder is only 36” from the top. See our selection guide for all dimensions.