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FNM – High-speed Engines for Pleasure Craft and Commercial Applications

Founded in Italy in 1991, FNM is globally recognized as a specialist in marinizing FIAT diesel engines for high-speed propulsion (60-295 HP). FNM invented the first Turbo Diesel Engine in Europe, and is renowned for design and development of marine diesel engines.

FNM marine diesel engines are characterized by their outstanding power-to-weight ratio as well as their capability to outperform equivalent-size gasoline engines. With the new HPE series of up to 295 HP, FNM delivers outstanding fuel efficiency along with minimal noise and vibration levels. The HPEP series combines the HPE series engine with an integrated stern drive or jet drive system to create a worry-free propulsion package.

The new FNM Hybrid Engine System opens new horizons for pleasure and commercial craft. The chance to move along when and where you want creating zero emissions. A compact and valuable engine that provides you with both propulsion and energy at the same time. A system developed for quietly operating your boat in protected areas and harbors, the FNM Parallel Blue Hybrid System optimizes consumption preserving the performances of the last generation of turbo diesel common-rail engines.