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The Leisure Furl® Coastal™ System offer smaller boats (26’ – 33’) the safety and convenience of In-Boom mainsail handling in a system specifically designed and sized to boats of this size.

Derived from our Leisure Furl® family of big boat offshore furling and reefing booms, our Coastal™ model boom incorporates exceptional drive and universal technology with a minimum of moving parts which is effective for smaller boat applications. Our Offshore, through the mast, drive system is used on more powerful mainsails on boats from 35 ft – 85 ft.

The aft drive mandrel uses fiber impregnated composite bearings similar to those used in the construction of big boat high load blocks. The forward universal allows complete freedom of rotation under the highest loads.

  • Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Easily Fitted To An Existing Mast
  • Custom Engineered For Your Boat
  • Controllable Sail Shape
  • Tapered for Attractiveness And Weight Savings

Enjoy the Same Safety of In-Cockpit Mainsail Reefing & Handling Used by Larger Boats

Our Leisure Furl® Coastal™, in boom, mainsail-furling system has been installed on our Catalina 30 for approximately six months now. We could not be more pleased.

The system has worked flawlessly from the day it was installed. It has given us the confidence to sail short-handed in conditions where we would have hesitated with a conventional reefing system. My wife especially likes not having to deal with the sail ties and the dirty mainsail cover.

The design, engineering and production quality of the Leisure Furl® Coastal™ system is better than other systems that we looked at.

Forespar Leisure Furl Coastal System