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GEMLUX Two Speed Dredge Fishing Kit

GEMLUX Two Speed Dredge Fishing Kit

You are going to love our new patent-pending, GEMLUX DREDGE BOOM. We have spent hundreds of hours in the lab and on the water perfecting this killer product. This innovative new product is vastly superior to any dredge boom on the market and it enables all center console fishermen to easily pull a dredge. The sportfishing boats will now be able to pull 4 full dredges at one time!  The boom is made from 100% carbon fiber, it is lightweight, just 3lbs, fully collapsable (making it easy to stow with your rods), fully adjustable, allowing you to use our patented clamps and adjust the position of the dredge perfectly. Our Dredge Boom makes it effortless for you to come right up to the bow of the boat to fight your fish because you can easily lift your rod right over the boom and dredge, with little risk of a tangle. This is another game-changing innovation from GEMLUX.

Key Features included in the Dredge Boom Kit:

3K Finish UV Protected 100% Carbon Fiber GEMLUX Dredge Boom

Fully adjustable for single, twin, triple and quad engine boats  You want your dredge to just outside your whitewater!

Only one supplied tie back rope is required for all types of dredge fishing

Aftco Butt #4, Heavy Duty

Patented clamping technology that ensures it will work all day long, and easily collapse and store when you're done!

Can be used with any traditional reel, and electric reels. We recommend, and now stock and sell the Lingren Pittman reel in both the Variable Speed and standard model

Lindgren- Pitman Reel:

Auto Return

Fully-adjustable speed


Electronic Counter

Level Line

Spooled with 400lb Mono

Neoprene Cover

S-1200 Wiring, Receptacle, & Circuit Breaker Kit

Rigging kit:
50yd - (400lbs) UV Stable Outrigger Line, 2.0mm Aluminum Crimps, SS Spring Clip, 500lb Dredge Dawg Spiral Swivel, Harken 40mm Swivel Block, Harken 29mm Swivel Block.

GEMLUX Two Speed Dredge Fishing Kit

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