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Gillnet Pinger Deterrent

Designed With Industry Leading Researchers!

The Gillnet Pinger is designed to save the lives of marine mammals, particularly the harbor porpoise, by warning that a gillnet is present. Our streamlined, rugged design with double o-rings and a single battery are virtually maintenance-free.

Airmar pingers are active devices. They emit low-level sonar pulses that can be detected by mammals within a 91 m (300’) radius. When attached to the top of a gillnet at regular intervals, mammals can avoid becoming entangled.

Over one-year of continuous operation from a single “D” cell alkaline battery

Designed for placement every 91 m (300’) at bridles and net ends

Can withstand depths over 150 fathoms

Weighs just 0.4 kg (0.9 lb) with battery

Housing constructed from impact-resistant plastic alloy for durability


Competitively priced