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GOST Acoustic Sound Barriers

GOST Acoustic Sound Barriers GA-Barrier (452mm x 106mm x 40mm) GA-Barrier-Mini (685mm x 106mm x40mm) The minutes between alarm activation and arrival of response teams is a crucial period, wherein thieves can still manage to rob you of thousands of dollars in property. Reclaim this critical time with installation of the GOST Acoustic Sound Barrier. The GOST Acoustic Sound Barrier is an unmistakably loud siren, producing a unique, attention-getting frequency that clearly stands out from background noise. Moreover, the Barrier’s intolerable sound causes a person to immediately modify their behavior, typically observed as an autonomic protective response of covering their ears and retreating from the intensity zone. These sound barriers are so effective, they have been used to protect Russian nuclear weapons stores, offices, and distribution plants. When used in pairs or arrays featuring multiple units, the effectiveness can be improved exponentially.