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NAV-TRACKER 1.0 ELITE Hardwired Security, Monitoring & GPS Tracking Package The GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite SM Package was developed to offer a hardwired security, monitoring and tracking system that provides control from anywhere in the world. This marine grade, water-resistant system offers arm/disarm & relay control over satellite, along with the reassurance of a battery backup. The GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite SM System includes the GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite control unit with tamper-proof backup battery, the GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Elite Hardwired Interface Unit (HWIU), a 5 foot I/O cable to connect the HWIU to the control unit, an IP67 rated momentary arm/disarm button, a door/hatch contact, a high water sensor, a GA-Mini siren, all with required cables to connect to the HWIU. Also included in the GOST Nav-Tracker Elite 1.0 SM is the GOST Nav-Tracker antenna, a 10-meter antenna cable, 2-meter power cable, and a GNT-L-Bracket for antenna mount.