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GOST Watch HD H20 is a revolutionary new water resistant video surveillance system, designed for vessels with no dry area on which to mount traditional equipment. Remotely login to view live streaming video off your vessel, or view recorded footage of your fishing trip through the locally or remotely accessible IVR. The 4TB IVR included with the system is designed to record up to 8 cameras for up to 90 days (24/7/90). Housed in a compact, ruggedized IP67 rated water resistant enclosure, the unit is perfect for high-end center consoles, go-fast boats, or any asset you wish to monitor that gets wet everywhere! The unit can be installed quickly and easily, and includes a GOST 4G LTE communicator, LTE and M2M high-speed data communicator with built-in Wi-Fi and five port switch. Also includes antenna and power cables, 1 four channel GWHD gateway (with the option to add a second one for a total of 8 cameras), 4 25ft plug-and-play siamese cables, and a simple push button to power the system on or off. The system can be connect¬ed to any existing standard analog camera with a BNC connector or to a variety of cameras available for additional purchase from GOST, including the elegant stainless steel camera, machined from a solid piece of sleek stainless steel. The entire surveillance system can be accessed through our existing and upcom¬ing apps for either iPhone or Android, for quick and easy viewing of all cameras and recordings on the go.