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Hood, Exhaust and Duct Cleaning

Hood, Exhaust and Duct Cleaning Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens are required by Florida State Fire Code to periodically have their hoods, exhaust, plenum, filters and associated areas pressure cleaned to remove build-up of potentially dangerous excess cooking grease and charcoal residue. Excess cooking grease can build up in the ducts and filters and could not only be a major fire hazard but also cause damage to the exhaust fans and filters and be a health hazard. Depending on the volume of cooking that your establishment is doing you could need to have your hoods cleaned anywhere from annually to every month for high volume cooking establishments. Florida State Fire Code NFPA 96 states that all kitchens and cooking establishments must have their hoods and associated areas pressure cleaned of grease and charcoal by a licensed hood cleaning company. Fire Ranger has over 25 years experience in hood cleaning services.