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One of our primary goals is to widen the use of Hyperbaric Chambers to increase diver safety on yachts.  Moondog Dive Outfitters offers hyperbaric chambers for sale and lease.  We have certified chamber instructors through IANTD and offer courses regularly.

These fully accredited 40 hour course certifications are issued through an international accreted training agency. Andrew Driver has had years of experience meeting the specific concerns and requirements of Yacht based Hyperbaric programs. Please feel free to contact us for references.


As rebreather and SCUBA related expeditionary diving on yachts and live aboard dive boats becomes more popular many individuals are pushing the boundaries of fitness, equipment, ability and physiological understanding. Often dives are undertaken in locations a long way from appropriate help should Decompression (DCS) strike. Even an experienced, well trained, well planned team must realistically expect a DCS incident at some point. Portable hyperbaric chambers / stretchers are an excellent and now affordable option to cover this eventuality. To learn a little about this technology, to purchase or lease a unit or to get training in the use of chambers please read on.


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