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Since the launch the JCB Dieselmax engine in 2005, it has been an amazing success story. Now with hundreds of thousands in service throughout the world in numerous and varied applications, they have built a formidable reputation for performance and reliability with both JCB machine equipment and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The Performance You Need:

  • Power curves from 63kW to 120kW (84hp to 161hp)
  • Torque outputs up 750 Nm. Concentrating on high torque at low engine speeds producing the ultimate engine for driveability and machine productivity
  • Up to 60kW (80hp) from twin auxiliary engine PTO's fitted as standard to OEM specification engines to power a range hydraulic pumps, air braking compressors and other attachments
  • Efficient design giving your customers the benefit of reduced whole life costs in both fuel consumption and servicing costs
  • An advanced, highly developed combustion system allowing the most efficient process with low in cylinder emissions
  • Four valves per cylinder offering the most efficient gas flows resulting in exceptional load acceptance and transient performance capability
  • Carefully matched fuel and turbo charging systems allowing the most productive and efficient performance throughout the engine speed and load range
  • A range of rotary mechanical and High Pressure Common rail fuel systems dependant upon engine rating, emissions requirements and desired technology relative to the operating territory.

JCB Industrial EPA Tier 4i

FLIBS 2020 Plan
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1219
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