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KBB brings over 50 years of experience in development and manufacturing axial and radial turbochargers. Motor Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) is an authorized partner for genuine KBB parts and services, joining KBB in partnership for a number of years.

Over almost six decades, KBB has developed one of the best and most reliable exhaust gas turbochargers on the market, for the marine and industrial applications.

With an installed base of over 55,000 turbochargers, KBB is constantly pushing the boundaries of competence and knowledge; MSHS service and expertise parallels this approach with our commitment to quality, reliability and service combined with KBB parts. Through this approach, we offer the perfect combination of service and proven turbocharger technology. Focused on customer service, MSHS provides customized inventory to minimize response times and providing service and parts for all KBB turbochargers.

Features of KBB Turbochargers

  • High efficiency and pressure ratio
  • Inboard journal bearings
  • Lubricated by engine oil system
  • Simple and compact design
  • Long lifetime of components
  • Long intervals between overhauls
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Suitable for heavy fuel applications

KBB Turbochargers

FLIBS 2020 Plan
Yellow Zone Engine Row 1211
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